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The Coalition for Physician Enhancement

Coalition for Physician ENHANCEMENT

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     CPEP Center for Personalized Education for Physicians        

CPEP, a nationally recognized and trusted resource, is committed to providing the in-depth information and educational solutions needed to objectively address clinical performance concerns.  CPEP offers competence assessment and personalized education services, a re-entry to clinical practice program, and intensive seminars in ethics intervention, medical record-keeping, inter-professional communications, clinician-patient communications, and prescribing controlled drugs.  We work with physicians and other health care professionals.

Elizabeth (Beth) J. Korinek, M.P.H.  
Chief Executive Officer            
Phone: (303) 577-3232     
Fax: (303) 577-3241     

Elizabeth S. Grace, M.D.       
Medical Director              
Phone: (303) 577-3232
Fax: (303) 577-3241     

COLORADO OFFICE                                                                 

720 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 1100-N         

Denver, CO 80246                                         

P: (303) 577-3232                                                            

F: (303) 577-3241 or (720) 445-3930                                            


222 North Person Street

Raleigh, NC  27601-1067

P: (919) 238-6436

C: (919) 622-9846

F: (720) 445-3871

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