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The Coalition for Physician Enhancement

Coalition for Physician ENHANCEMENT

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CPE offers two Categories of Membership (General and Organizational).  If you have recently attended a CPE meeting as a non-member and would like to have access to meeting materials that have been posted on the site, see the "Meeting Materials" page:

Types Of Membership
General membership is for individuals who are not part of an organizational membership

Organizational memberships are for organizations that are involved in the assessment and enhancement of physicians in practice.  Organizational members may send five individuals to CPE meetings at the members rate.

Criteria for Organizational Membership

According to the CPE Bylaws, organizational membership is open to programs that provide in-depth, comprehensive assessments of individual physicians with or without remediation services. An organization shall become an active member upon supplying information and paying such dues as the Board may set from time to time. The CPE Guidelines contain basic elements and practices that are recommended as components when developing personalized assessment and/or education programs. Accordingly, the following questions derived from CPE’s Guidelines and Bylaws were identified to represent the key elements needed in a physician enhancement program seeking organizational membership. Affirmative (or partially affirmative) responses are necessary in each of the following questions to be eligible for organizational membership. 

  1. Has the program submitted the appropriate application and has payment been received in full?
  2. Does the program utilize independent means (i.e. not relying solely on external information) to assess competency?
  3. Do assessments take into account clinical content and scope of practice?
  4. Does the assessment include judgments on whether a physician may safely practice?
  5. Does the assessment, when appropriate, include recommendations on how a physician may improve?
  6. Does the assessment program have the capacity to utilize methods to assess the following skills: interpersonal and communication skills, data gathering, patient care documentation, knowledge, clinical judgment and decision-making, relevant technical or psychomotor skills, and neuropsychological screening or assessment?
  7. Are formal reports written and given to both the physician being assessed and the organization which referred the physician to the program?

New applications for Organizational Membership will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Board.

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