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The Coalition for Physician Enhancement

Coalition for Physician ENHANCEMENT

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CPE Call for Nominations

Nominations are requested for members to serve on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Physician Enhancement (CPE). These are individuals, selected by their peers by online ballot, who are willing and able to contribute time and energy to the CPE Board of Directors – the policy and direction-setting body of the organization. Newly elected Board members will officially begin their terms on January 1, 2023 but will be invited as guests to the final Board meeting of 2022. We want to encourage our members to consider this exciting opportunity to make a lasting contribution to CPE’s future growth and development.   

According to the CPE Bylaws, the Board has nine members representing the specific membership categories of the organization. Six board members are organizational members, and three board members are general members.

For this election there are three open positions on the Board of Directors: one Organizational Position and two General positions.

Expectations of Board Members

  • Terms are for three years, and you may be re-elected, but service is limited to no longer than six consecutive years.
  • Attendance at CPE meetings and an additional Board meeting, usually held as an in-person meeting, per year.
  • Regularly scheduled Board telephone or video conferences (minimum quarterly, up to every 2 months).
  • Board committee participation, including telephone or video conferences related to committee membership.
  • Active participation in CPE planning, Board governance, and Board development activities.
  • Ability to self-fund or receive employer funding to participate in CPE activities. CPE does not reimburse Board members for travel or lodging expenses related to meetings or waive registration fees to attend educational sessions.

Criteria for Applicants

The Nominating Committee is seeking the best available candidates. 

  • Current membership in CPE is a requirement. For this election, CPE will accept nominations from individuals who join CPE any time before submitting their application for candidacy.
  • Participation/attendance at past CPE educational offerings is also a requirement. Within the past 48 months, candidates must have attended either
    • One full CPE conference (1.5 day) and two additional educational offerings (webinar and/or journal club)
    • Two full CPE conferences. Attendance at the 2022 Fall Meeting will count towards this requirement.
  • Experience in physician assessment and/or continuing professional education is highly desirable.   
  • CPE policy dictates that each organizational member is limited to one representative on the Board of Directors; therefore, the Nominating Committee will take this into account when creating the slate of candidates.

How to apply for a Position on the Board of Directors

Electronic nominations must be received by September 30.  They should be sent to Jodie Markey (

The candidate must submit

(1)   A completed Fact Sheet,
(2)   A brief biographical sketch,
(3)   Answers to three questions addressing how the candidate meets the desired attributes,
(4)   A curriculum vitae, and
(5)   One letter of reference from an individual who knows the candidate in a professional capacity.

Candidates will only be considered if this information is submitted by September 30. Members may nominate themselves or other members.

Process of Election

The Nominating Committee will select a slate from the nominations submitted. Importantly, no more than two nominees from any one organization will be slated.  Names, biographical sketches, and the responses to the questions will be sent with the electronic election ballot. CPE members will be asked to vote for candidates via e-mail (specific dates TBA). Successful candidates will be notified after the election and will be announced to the CPE membership thereafter.

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